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Re: [zzdev] Applets | extensions, applitudes

At 03:34 PM 20/10/99 -0700, you wrote:
>I'm very glad for your enthusiasm.  I have no idea
> what you mean by a "possibility generator", and
> look forward to seeing it.

I briefly described it in a previous message.  Basically,
you give the generator a few fields, and the generator
creates a number of links and empty cells which you can
fill in.  These cells are all the combinations or permutations
of something you want to figure out.  The use of this thing 
is limited, but why not as you say.  I don't think it has
actually been done before either.

A clearer example would be cooking.  Lets say you had ten
flavors of something, and were going to combine two 
of the flavors.  This comes out to 45 permutations of two 
flavors of the ten, which you can comment on.  45 cells are
created, all named.

>I haven't had time to publish my suggested guidelines
> for extending the system, nor indeed the full specs,
> so we're kind of shouting across a canyon here.
> I hope to have a lot more of this available by December.

I'm looking forward to it.  Thank you.

>Since ZigZag is a uniform environment, I prefer not
> to think of applications or of applets but of "applitudes"--
> that is, functionalities you may want which can be made
> by a minimalistic combination of small functions.
>For instance, most of what is done with conventional
> outliners can be done with Mark (not yet implemented),
> Hop, and a special marking function (not implemented)
> which I call Oklahoma Markdown (because it marks a
> hidden body of cells shaped roughly like the state of
> Oklahoma).

Cool.  I like minimalistic.