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Re: :zz,unix: Probs running PC ZigZag from Linux

On Sun, Jul 11, 1999 at 05:02:50AM +0900, Ted Nelson wrote:
> Wouldn't it be possible to have a preprocessor that
>  checks the ZigZag file and fixes it for the current version,
>  no matter what machine or format it's in?
> I think we really need it.  The non-interoperability
>  is already a great difficulty for me.

For the Zigzag data, we already do this as much as possible.  We can't
convert from foreign formats where we don't have the program that
created the file and thus don't know how to access it.  That's why we
have a standard text-based interchange format.  I also can't see a way
to have the program check itself for wrong line endings before it is
run - you'd have to use another program to do that.  That's why we have
separate Unix and Windows versions of Zigzag.  Welcome to the wonderful
world of incompatibility that we all live in.

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