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Setting up ZigZag

Hi John--

All the particulars for ZigZag itself are at www.xanadu.net.

The fixes for setting it up under Windows are somewhere
 in the back archive of the ZigZag developer list.  (Andrew--
 do you have that email flagged?)

Perl is a whole nother thing, available from CPAN
 (Comprehensive Perl Archive Network) and with a number
 of other books available on it.

For further questions, I suggest you have your friend address
 the developer gang at 

All best, Ted

At 11:12 AM 6/21/99 -0700, you wrote:
>I've found someone who is interested in experimenting with ZigZag. A
>longtime collaborator. Please let me know what arrangements are
>necessary to get him the Perl toolkit.
>John North
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