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:zz,tpx: Just realized I was wrong about RefWindow caching--

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Subject: :zz,tpx: Just realized I was wrong about RefWindow caching--
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In last night's discussion I got a bit derailed about RefWindow

(A RefWindow (referential window) is a zz cell that looks
 into a document stored as a file outside ZZ.  We've been
 calling it a Referential Cell, but I think RefWindow says it

A RefWindow is defined as a frame which knows its height,
 width, and *where in the document it points to*.

We'll be wanting it to scroll.  So what needs to be cached
 is generally the whole document, not just what appears in
 the window.

(Note: scrolling is being defined for our TPX generator,
 but in general it shd work with other windows as well,
 such as WordPad.)

(For funny-formated doxx, like HTML and Word, I favor
 parsing into our own better-generalized parallel format).


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