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Re: ZZDEV Problems

On Sun, Apr 18, 1999 at 12:41:35PM -0700, Joseph Osako wrote:
> Sorry for the delay here, I've been unexpectedly busy.

That's OK, I think we've all been there.  :-)

> This is mostly what I had in mind; the size issue is more a reflection of
> a) my personal programming esthetics and b) that I wasn't very familiar
> with the current version. The seperation of front end and back is the real
> key, esp if we're going to supportthe program on more than one platform.
> The FE-BE seperation is a key part of the final Xanadu system, for the same
> reason (among others).

Of course.

> Perhaps. What I was looking for in the short term was just a physical
> seperation of the interface code into a seperate package file, which is a
> lot simpler than a full-fledged client-server design. What may make the
> most sense is if I work out a simple prototype on a seperate RCS worldline
> (is that the right term?), with no (or very few) changes in program
> behavior, just separating the UI code out. 

I already did this a few versions ago to permit the parallel development
of other UIs, including the Zizl web interface.  The Zigzag.pm module
should now be pretty much free of UI code.

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