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are there any Palm Pilot Developers around?

I think there were some - are they still here?

if so - someone had decided that it was Too Hard to re-create ZigZag on
a Palm Pilot.

Fair enough.

How about some system that will let you enter ZigZag cells into a pilot
- and then later ingegrate or synchronize them with the ZigZag structure
running on your PC?

Your pilot could store a simple flat file database.  This could be kept
in the ZigZag structure in it's own dimension.  a row of cells would
start at home and run off poswards into the distance.  Using the power
of ZigZag these could be linked to other cells in your structure in any
way you liked, and could appear in ordinary dimensions with other
ordinary cells.  Both the Pilot client and sych routine could be kept
fairly simple.

I'd really like the ability to makes notes on a pilot and then later
integrate them easily into a ZZ structure.  I tend to lose bits of

ponder ponder.