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Re: :zz,biz: Importance-- and danger-- of a Windows distribution

On Tue, Mar 23, 1999 at 10:51:12AM -0800, Ted Nelson wrote:
> Andrew,
> Your reply suggests that the Linux source distribution
>  is the important thing.

No, I suggested that a patch is important because it allows us (or anyone
else) to make a Windows version out of any future version of Zigzag
rather than just the current version.  Furthermore, the current source
is not specific to Linux; it will run on any platform that has Perl,
DB and ncurses - this probably includes (at least) all Unices.

> If we get a distributable for Windows,
>  that's the ball game-- we're on our way to Product!
>  And many thousands of people will try it, even in its
>  current state.

Probably.  Windows users probably won't like the current UI, though.
That may turn a lot of them off (hopefully not permanently).

> That's the good news.
> The bad news is that if it contains a virus, I am INFINITELY
>  liable financially, since we don't have a Xanadu corporation.

It's not clear that YOU are liable.  I suspect the person that distributes
or packages the windows kit MIGHT be liable, though I have never
heard of any lawsuits over this.  Furthermore, why are you concerned
about viruses?  The incidence of viruses in freely distributed software is
very low, especially where the source code is available.  If necessary, we
can also sign the kit with a digital signature (using PGP for example).

> In the meantime, if we DO get a Windows distribution,
>  DON'T SEND IT OUT until you've looked it over VERY
>  carefully.  Indeed, until we have the protection of a corporation.

As you wish.

> If his arrangement works, will you be able to continue
>  modifying the ZZ source without having to redo it or
>  go back to him?  This would be crucial (especially with
>  the virus issue what it is).

I imagine so, since the Windows version still runs the Perl code. 

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