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:zz: Definition of Referential Cells

Hi frenzies--

Ways of viewing outside data are going to be
 important.  Referential cells are a good way.

A referential cell is one which takes its contents
 from data someplace in a regular file (for instance,
 an email file).

d.view hold successively better views of it--
? First cell on d.view may be a frame saying what bytes
 will be viewed, when viewed i.e., a window that
 stays virtually open to those contents-- for instance,
 an email that will open to a certain paragraph.
? Second cell along d.view is a cache of the contents
 of that frame (optional)
?? The cache may be deleted by the user and loses
 its contents when deleted (to recapture space)
(Ideally this is where you probably want cell types,
 but now may not be the time to define those.)


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