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:zz: Purpose of ZZ, since you asked

(Sorry, got way behind)

>So now for my real questions.  I've been able to grasp the mechanics 
>of ZZ at least to the point of browsing existing "webs?"  (What do you 
>call zigzag structures?)  Is there an article that I could read that 
>places zz into perspective with the rest of your vision?  

Nothing I've published, though a superb review
 in the Dec98 Dr Dobbs got it exactly.

ZigZag is a conceptual universe without hierarchy
 and allowing you to maintain vast numbers of interconnection.
I am proposing it as the nucleus of a new software world,
 a world without sequence and hierarchy (except optional).
The traditional File model deeply oppresses us but we
 don't see it.  (See my article "Tyranny of the File",
 Datamation ca 1987-- unforch I have no copy available.)

Also today's software traps us in Application Hell,
 worlds that someone else controls, whereas (eg) Unix
 has no Applications.  I want to make that freedom
 available to everybody.
So we will be developing this into various aspects
 of a new computer world.  Unforch we have few
 people and many other things to do.

>What users are the intended target?  I mean the www gets anyone results 
>without really any learning curve.  I think about showing zigzag to my 
>boss, and he'd just toss it.  But it seems like he should be the target,
>because he is the one who makes me provide data in every viewpoint under
>the sun.  

I don't know how to communicate with most people.
 I just have to wait for the special ones to show up.

>Do you expect a dba equivalant who maintains the structure and
>provides snapshots?  Or a publisher/reader? The thread earlier about 
>expense tracking, kind of indicates differently, I guess.

I don't know what a DBA is.  This is the cosmology
 of a new world.  Much remains to be seen.

Best, TN

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