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Re: Pilot Port -- 20k ????

>Well, the current version fits into 64K of perl, so it should be possible
>to make it fit into 20K of compiled binary; bear in mind however that
>Zigzag currently makes extensive use of some of perl's advanced facilities
>(notably hashes) so a library with similar functionality would have to
>be linked in.

Pilot programs are run directly from storage RAM, so code size is
not really an issue.  The 20K figure is only for dynamic memory
usage: stack space, global variables, allocated 'working' storage,
and so forth... I haven't looked at the zz code closely enough to
see whether this is necessarily a problem or not.

I don't know of any existing hash libraries for the Pilot, but one
of course could be written.

Another issue is user input: the Pilot has no keyboard, but it
does have a touch screen and 6 buttons.  It ought to be worth thinking
about to see what the best way to interact with zz via a pointing
device is, as opposed to via lots of keyboard commands.

- Edward Keyes