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Zizl to talk to Web browser-- WOW!


What is this?  Is it a full ZigZag?

Does it run on the PC or do I use CNS?
 (Happydoodle wd be best but I don't think
 I have Netscape.)


At 06:03 AM 1/28/99 +1100, you wrote:
>OK folks, here's the latest zizl release - it can now talk to your web
>browser (defaults to Netscape, edit the $BROWSER constant for others)
>and can open separate browser windows for each ZZ cursor.  Note that
>Lynx works but isn't usable because it doesn't handle the <TABLE> tag.
>Also note that if you start zizl while logged into a remote system it
>will bring up the display on your local copy of Netscape if you already
>have it running (and of course if the DISPLAY environment variable is
>set correctly - ssh will do this for you automatically).  Mondo cool!
>Next step: add user interaction.
>Share and enjoy,
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