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ZZ working again at Keio, Praise the Lord

I dunno why it comes and goes...

Happy New Year, Ted

Theodor Holm Nelson, Visiting Professor of Environmental Information,
 Keio University, Shonan Fujisawa Campus, Fujisawa, Japan _____
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Quotation of the day, 1 Jan 99:
"Kenny Nicoll, who runs the Underground Bar in Dundee,
 said yesterday that he had received a lawyer's letter from
 London Underground claiming that the pub was
 impersonating one of its stations.  Mr. Nicoll was instructed
 by the law firm Campbell Hooper to remove all references
 to the network or face court action.
"'This is crazy,' he said.  'Do they think we have queues of
 people standing outside waiting on a Tube?  If these
 people are suggesting we are passing ourselves off as a
 tartan Tube station, they must be at least four stops
 beyond Barking.'"
The Times (UK), 98.12.03