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Re: (techy) Code specs?

On Sun, Nov 15, 1998 at 08:23:36PM +1100, Bek Oberin wrote:
> The current ZigZag code is messy to -look- at.  Some but not all of
> the functions use prototypes.  The indenting switches between 2 and 3
> and 4 spaces.  Sometimes the internal functions are called with an &
> and sometimes without.  Ditto trailing brackets for functions with no
> arguments.
> What are people's opinions of how "Things Should Be" on those topics,
> and any others I missed.
> We can fight our religous wars then I'll put together a bunch of notes
> about it for other developers.
> bekj
> PS
>    3 space indents
>    prototypes suck
>    put & and () on all functions zigzag's defined.
>    put () on -all- functions

All functions should have prototypes
4 space indents, definitely not 3 - it doesn't divide evenly into either 8
  (the standard tab width) or 80 (the standard screen width).
Drop & notation, but use parentheses () on all function calls
Braces should normally appear on a line of their own, vertically aligned
  with the matching brace.  I do permit single-statement blocks within
  braces to compress the brace, statement, close brace onto a single line,
  but I'm willing to compromise on that point.

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