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Re: I am yours to command

Michael K. Jones wrote:
> I'm taking this week off, so it's a good time for me to dive into
> something new.  Can someone give me a tick list of stuff I should
> have/know?  Currently, I'm set up for NT (and Win95 if pushed).  I would
> prefer to stick to one OS at a time, but if it would be easier, I could
> install Linux.

One thing that'd be REALLY nice about now, though not a programmer
thing, is detailed destructions on how to install ZZ on a Win-based
system - including how to install Perl and get the various modules
working.  It -should- be possible, but I don't think anybody's done
it yet!

For development, it'd be much easier if you have Linux around, I

We seem to have three threads of development going at the moment, so 
merging them is near the top priority!  OTOH, how do you like
debugging?  :)


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