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Re: Zigzag hooks

Dear Michael:

Sorry not to have answered this sooner.

Everything that's Up on ZigZag may be found
 from my home page at Keio,
 and especially

I am trying to get more stuff up,
 but finding time to work on my Web pages
 is like trying to swim through molasses.

I think Andrew informed you of the ZZ developer list
 to which you may subscribe,
 and the archived stuff in Australia
 (takes too long to search!  Oughta be a way to
 download the whole mess).

So anyhow, keep an eye on my ZZ pages,
 because there shd be LOTS MORE ANY MINUTE NOW

Best, Ted

At 12:40 PM 11/10/98 -0500, you wrote:
>Hi Andrew, Carolyn and Ted,
>Two of my masters students, Leena Chopra and Shila Srivastava, are 
>going to do their masters project this Spring implementing an 
>interface to Zigzag.
>Currently the only documentation they have is Ted's Wearable 
>Computer conference paper.  I've tried to explain the system as 
>best I could using the figures from that paper.
>Leena and Shila have several questions.  Here are some of them.  
>They will be compiling a fuller list over the next few days.
>- What "hooks" or method is there to interact with the system.  
>Presumably there is some API or library calls that can be used to 
>access the Zigzag commands.  To build an interface or application 
>over Zigzag, there must be a way to link new cells, invoke the cell 
>contents, retreive the cell names or contents, etc.
>- What commands are currently implemented in Zigzag?  Presumable 
>these are all Perl scripts in existing cells in the system.  Is 
>there a "command" dimension where Shila and Leena can find all the 
>existing commands?  Is it clear what each does?
>- Is there any other documentation, anywhere?
>- Carolyn, can Shila and Leena talk with you and Zhou about these 
>and other issues?
>> Date: Mon, 9 Nov 1998 16:40:29 -0500
>> From: Marlene Mallicoat <MarleneM@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
>> To: Carolyn Watters <watters@xxxxxxxxx>
>> Cc: Ted Nelson <ted@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
>> Hi, Carolyn --
>> > Hope all is well. Zhou is working away on the zigzag visualizer
>> >in java. Interesting dynamics. 
>> This is so great!   When will we get to see something?
>> ...
>> Hope all's well with you,
>> Marlene
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