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:zz: Dancing cows

Bek wrote:

>Excuse me, absolutely NO dancing cows allowed!

Actually, dancing cows have been in the specs
 since the very beginning, when it occurred to me
 that animation sequence lists did not have to follow
 a Proper Gridlike Pattern (the original insight, I think).

So the idea is that when we get out of Brick Mode
 to Self-Show Mode, a cell could indeed show itself
 as a rose, an elf, or indeed an animation of a dancing cow.
 With moosic.

Best, Ted

At 10:29 PM 11/17/98 +1100, you wrote:
>Mark-Jason Dominus wrote:
>> * Function to return the accursed cell:
>By this do you mean the cell a cursor points to?
>New mods have this (cursor_get_cell(0);)
>> * Function to put an error message into the status buffer:
>> 	display_message("Look!  A dancing cow!");
>Excuse me, absolutely NO dancing cows allowed!
>> * Function to read a string from the keyboard
>> 	$name = prompt_for_input("What's your name?");
>THIS one we need.  Ugh.
>>   This would require some messing around with the input routines and
>>   with `Curses'.
>Wanna write it for me?  I need it NOW.
>> I thought that in addition to adding these new functions, someone should
>> probably document the ones that are already there that might be useful,
>> like `link_make'.  
>> I will be happy to assist with any part of this, or none of it, as you
>> like.  I am at your service.
>Documentation, WHEN  I get the new version workable, would be great :)
>Interestingly (or not :)), all except 3 of your new functions magically
>appeared when we re-engineered the OO stuff.  Life is good.
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