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Re: Okay, I've figured out

> Mark-Jason Dominus wrote:
> > * Function to return the accursed cell:
> By this do you mean the cell a cursor points to?

Yes.  I got that word from TN.

> > * Function to read a string from the keyboard
> > 	$name = prompt_for_input("What's your name?");
> THIS one we need.  Ugh.
> >   This would require some messing around with the input routines and
> >   with `Curses'.
> Wanna write it for me?  I need it NOW.


> Documentation, WHEN  I get the new version workable, would be great :)

I'm yours to command.

> Interestingly (or not :)), all except 3 of your new functions magically
> appeared when we re-engineered the OO stuff.  

That's a good sign that we both got it right.