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Re: (techy) Code specs?

> I don't see there's any "up to date" stuff going to happen though.

Oh, that's good.  Because I didn't see how the information gained was
going to be of any benefit.  :)

But seriously:  I don't understand why it's imoprtant to be able to
see at a glance whether the function is `ours' or not.

Also seriously, there must be some cost, because I have it on good
authority that

>#> Sometimes the internal functions are called with an & and
>#> sometimes without.

If that's true, it will have to be fixed.

> Curses isn't suddenly going to be imported, and vice versa, is it?

Well, I don't know.

> So the only time it takes energy is when you write stuff, and at
> that point you probably know.

Or at that point you have to remember.  But if you can remember while
you're writing, why can't you remember while you're reading?

> *thinks about it*
> I'm undecided.

Well, I think that at this point I've said pretty much everything
I have to say on the subject, so whatever you decide, I'll feel OK
about it.

No not quite, I just thought of something else: If the real issue is
that you need the & form for syntax highlighting, and you need the
syntax highlighting, then wouldn't it be best to use the & form for
*all* function calls?

OK, now I'm really done.