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Re: Fontlery (was: Clarif. re inside/contents

> >This doesn't make sense to me, sorry :(  (Is Ted using a weird
> >proportional font?)
> Times.  Use it for everything.  Geez, do I have to give that up?

Well, the rest of us are using fixed-width fonts, which interoperate
better when you're drawing pictures.  The people who designed your
times font didn't expect you to be drawing pictures with it, so they
didn't pay attention to getting the spacing and character widths
exactly the same as everyone else's fonts.

Can you compose a message in two different fonts?  If you use tmies
for the text parts and some fixed-with font for the picture parts, it
should be fine.

> But if THIS didn't make sense--
> >>("|" here means "no connection)
> it's because I forgot to delete it as I rewrote.  Sorry.

Oh, that's a relief.  I was really mystified.