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Your ideas for sculpture of ZigZag? Wow! / Paradoxical space

Hi Maki--

I'm not quite sure what you intend for your thesis,
 but it sure sounds interesting.

How to make a sculpture of ZigZag I just don't know,
 since ranks can loop and it has many other paradoxical

But that just gave me a new definition of "paradoxical space"--
 a paradoxical space is one which you can't put in a sculpture!

Except, with your talent, maybe you could.

It's always hard for the teacher to understand the student's
 idea for a thesis-- if it was easy to understand, the teacher
 would have thought of it already.  So please tell me more.

Best, Ted

At 12:00 AM 10/21/98 +1000, you wrote:
>Hi Ted,
>Thank you very much for your intensive class, I really look forward to it
>every week.
>I have a question about zigzag.  (Not technical question)
>Have you ever thought of making a physical sculpture of zigzag?  Do you
>think it's possible?
>The reason why I ask you is that I have been wanted to visualize the
>invisible connection of the thing.  This is my master thesis.  "Ball point
>pen" was one of the example, but I think I can expand the database with
>adding "car" "shoes" for example.  Actually I have been thinking a lot in
>what way I could visualize this.  I am thinking of making physical
>sculpture with rubber and wood, or making 3D sculpture in the computer.  I
>am now hurry in researching what medium I should work with.  I'm on my way
>familializing myself to your zigzag but I have a strong feeling that there
>must be some point meets my ideas.  So I was really inspired.  My idea
>comes from environmental conciousness, and I want to realize the world in
>the method of art.
>To concern about the environmental issue, I think 3 view points are needed:
>view from economy, view from energy, and view from ecology.
>We need something which enable us look with these 3 views at a same time.
>I will be very happy to invent this tool now and for the future...
>I thought maybe you can give me some comments on my thesis.
>Best regards,
>Maki Ueda
>Masaki Fujihata Lab. Keio University
>5322 Endo Fujisawa 252-8520 Japan
>ph. +81 466 47 5352 / fx. +81 466 47 5354
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