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Re: [zzdev] Re: :zzSig: Containment dims (was Re2: Questions

Ted, Jan--

Yes: the double-dot indicates a *derivative* dimension,
 subordinate conceptually to some other dimension.

I have found that often dimensions want to come in pairs,
 though I don't remember other examples at this moment.

d.mark and d..mark-set--
    so that you can have different sets of marks:
    each set of marks is a headcell in d..mark-set,
    each marked cell is a headcell in d.mark,
    and for each mark there is a relcell that is
    on both ranks.

d.trigger and d..trigger-list (won't be used in Gzz, likely)--
    headcell on d.trigger is a cell that triggers something if
    it changes, headcell on d..trigger-list is a cell that
    is re-evaluated when triggered, and for each relationship
    trigger cell/triggered cell, there is a relcell on both ranks.

d.cursor and d..cursor-list--
    a corner list structure (like the containment structure),
    with the elements "under" some other element being the
    cursors on that cell; this allows cursors to accurse other
    cursor cells, even themselves.

    (This probably needs more explanations; a diagram can be found
    in the 'zzspec' in the Gzz repository, I think.)

> Note that this notion of containment applies in principle
>  to both programs and data.  However, nobody has
>  seriously implemented containment to enact both.
>  (A depth setting has been suggested as a way to prevent
>  accidental runaway perpetual loops; but if you *want*
>  this mechanism to allow perpetual loops, well, we can
>  discuss it :)

Gzz 0.8 or 0.9 will do this, when released. (0.8 will do it if we implement containment.)

I have a question about containment which I'd need to have answered if containment is to appear 'correctly' in Gzz; Andrew, maybe you can help me here?-- The question is: Do cells that contain other cells also contain text in the normal way? Or is it like with clones (they can contain text internally, but it won't get interpreted)?

- Benja