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Re: [zzdev] :zz,virt: Model-view-controller (was Re: [zzdev] Fwd: Re: [zzdev] Re: Query: Technical description for keybinding actions?

On 20020227T235121+0000, Ted Nelson wrote:
> I think the "model-view-controller" idea is another silly PARC idea.
>  It's just saying that we have an interface.  Controller sends choices IN;
>  view comes OUT.  WOW!  HEAVY THINKING!

No, actually, MVC is not that.  MVC is about how the program achieves
whatever interface it has (be it PARC or otherwise).  It can be
programmed internally in many different ways, and MVC is one of them.
(In fact, most PUI programs do not use the MVC - what they use could
probably be best described as a Model-View architecture.)

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