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Implementing ZZ within an opensource game engine


I'm a coder for an opensource game company.  We're low on funding and I have some free time:)  I've followed the 
progress of xanadu and then zigzag since i first heard of ted nelson almost a decade ago and am of the strong opinion 
that zippered lists do represent the core idea that platforms should naturally be based upon in the future.  That said, I see 
hope for their adoption most in kids, especially kids who play video games and to a lesser extent in anyone who plays 
video games.  New interfaces are the norm for gamers.
I'm currently working with Nel- the Nevrax Extension Library (nevrax.org).  It is a very nice set of c++ libraries for creating 
3d worlds and making use of the latest 3d hardware (geforce3 or better) - Nevrax's first game and ours are massively 
multiplayer- the libraries are built with this in mind.
Nevrax is using python and a custom agent system to script their game mechanics (which they might never release, they 
dont have to because no binaries are ever distributed)  -  On the other hand there will be a lot of client side prediction 
and they've had richard stallman to their offices so maybe they'll release it all.  This matters to me and possibly to you 
because it leaves me to design that system and use whatever bindings and language I like.  I like haskell and other pure 
functional languages - I like python too, but I think a ZigZag space full of game objects and their relationships coupled 
with a simple cell based functional language would work phenomenally well and with that work done the player could be 
exposed to parts of the structure and taught to interact with it directly.
To the chase:  I can mostly read your java prototype and will continue to for inspiration, but I would really like some 
advice on the pitfalls you imagine i'll run into and speculation on the usefullness/difficulty, etc
I hope I've not been too long winded and that you see my interest as potentially good for all who crave a slick and 
simple informational environment:)

Michael Warnock  -  InOrbit Entertainment Inc.
Total hard disk crash - O pestilence!
Now is the winter of our disk contents!