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Re: [zzdev] A difficult view

Hiya, Marlene and all,

Marlene Mallicoat wrote:
> Hmmmm -- I see the splines on *your* screenshot, but look at *mine*
> (attached).  This was created with gzz 0.6.0. What am I doing wrong, I
> wonder?

Ok, now I remember-- this is something I changed back between 0.6.0 and
the, for most people, unusable 0.6.1. So that's one more reason to do
something to get 0.6 running again.

I've started by commenting out the offending line of code, but now some
Javas seem to have problems with something else (I think it's jdk 1.3
that gives me a 'verification error'). I've put a .jar at
http://channelzilch.com/benja/gzz.jar ; if you have problems downloading
(the browser showing the file instead of saving it to the disk), please
go to http://channelzilch.com/benja/gzz.html and use your browser's
'save link as...' facility.

It would be nice if people could test the .jar and report on the
results, here (at the moment I have no idea what could cause this
verification thing).

Thank you,
- Benja