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Splitting the pool (Re: [zzdev] Re: Poolin pilkkominen --)

Morning Tuomas and all,

On Fri, 8 Feb 2002, Tuomas Lukka wrote:
> Tuukka, in the future we should discuss these kinds of things 
> on the open lists.

Oh well, just thought this was our mess and we should clean it behind 
closed doors.

> Well, currently I don't think there are any parts we shouldn't
> distribute except the .ps / .pdf files we don't have copyright for.

It's more like who takes them out? And how to ensure we all know about it 
then? Otherwise first sync with old MS blocks will bring these back. Maybe 
we could have an id kill list in the Makefile for now.

> This is actually a non-issue, if you think about the structure of the
> mediaserver P2P space: it doesn't matter where you sync your pool!

I see that the propagation path is not important right know, and it has 
little to do with MS servers' naming. However, I thought we would have 
some official central repository _available_ still for a while, as it 
makes things easier for now; of course we can begin syncing with each 
other, but it's practical to have some URL for Makefiles and such, some 
URL where the data's guaranteed to be available.

> Our group should probably have three pools:
> 	- private
> 	- public but writable only by us
> 	- public, read/write by anyone
> The other pools will be hosted by whoever wants to host them.

I agree.

> Remember: this is not the WWW where it's important *WHERE* something is.

But you do realize we don't have working P2P with discovery and such 
running at the very moment. Basicly I was suggesting us having pointers 
http://ms.gzigzag.org/* for the pools we manage.


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