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A view for mind managing

At least Tuukka have been interested in my use of GZigZag as a mind manager
tool (or at least I'm trying to use it =) and he also helped me creating a
kind of appropriate view for it. So, I have created a new view for GZigZag
0.6.0., but AFAIK it should work also with 0.6.1. (my keyboard does not
respond with the later one).

It should be available now under GPL (I think) for now at
http://www.iki.fi/asko.soukka/temp/zigzag/ . There is also available some
screenshots and an mpeg-encoded animation :)

Source code is awful and comments are only in Finnish, because I mainly
created it for my own use. However, Tuukka's interest got me to "publish" it
now O:-) Maybe I'll write it again and better for the next version

Asko Soukka @ http://www.iki.fi/asko.soukka/