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Re: [zzdev] Re: [zzdev] ZObs in the new GZigZag

On Thu, 10 Jan 2002, Tuomas Lukka wrote:

> > ZOb-instance, and their values, into a HashMap.  The key in the HashMap
> > could be the cell's ID (= the ID of the masterclone of the member)..  Or
> > it could be just a string, if we wanted to make it easier for the poor
> The problem is that there may be more than one "x". The poor programmer
> should just get used to thinking using cell ids. Of course, we'll need
> to provide mechanisms to easily get them.

OK!  Here's the killer idea from Rauli: Let's write a clasm-function that
prints out a java-class (to the console) of a ZOb in the structure.  That
class would use IDs (filled already in there by the clasm-outputter) to
get values for members.  ZOb members in the structure probably have no
types, so in the Java class they could all be Cells... or maybe Callables.
(Callables have asInt, asString, etc.)

Unfortunately ZObs where more than one member have the same name would
still be incompatible with that java-output-function, supposing it will
write a matching java-class-member for each ZOb-member (sounds
practical?)..  But that's "Java's problem" and not ours, right? :-)