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Re: [zzdev] :zz: Operations defined for ZZTP ( zzOplists.D8

1. I thought at some point you were  removing the word "cursor" and
starting to use  "frame".

2. do these cursors contain the dimensions also?

3. CHUG*,  SHEAR* etc are not defined clearly enough here. We talked about
you defining  them about a year ago but you never got back to us on that,

>   whichcur CURSORFORK  [  creates a new first-class cursor in the same
> location  ]
>   whichcur KILLCURSOR [  evaporates the current cursor  ]
>   whichcur SUBCURSOR   [ creates a subordinate cursor managed by another
> cursor, to be used in some sub-operation ]
>   whichcur KILLSUBCURSOR   [ evaporates the current subcursor, but only if
> it is a subcursor in some current set.  Killing the last subcursor of a set
> is effectively a return-from-subroutine to a parent cursor above ]

These are rather unclear as well, as you  have not properly defined  cursors
and subcursors yet.

>   whichcur RASTER  [ sends out the current raster list, somehow
> linearized-- how linearized to be dealt with later ]
>   whichcur REFRESH [ sends out the current raster list, with contents,
> somehow linearized-- how linearized to be dealt with later ]

This means that the back-end has to be completely aware of any views.
I don't  think  that's  necessarily a good thing.

>   whichcur VIEWMODE typeno   [ selects a view type ]
>   whichcur CELLVIEWMODE typeno   [ selects a cellview type ]