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Re: [zzdev] The problem of versioning cursors: solved in Chartreuse

> In Chartreuse (GZigZag 0.8.0), we could potentially use a nice quick
> hack to get around this problem, when we have a cleaner separation of
> the primitive slices into clientspace and userspace and window state.
> Then, we can simply forget old window states (expunge the blocks) and
> yet version every change of the userspace. -- Probably not something we
> want to do before the release of 0.8.0, but I think an idea worth considering.

Definitely. I wouldn't even consider it a hack because different people
working on the same data should be able to use diffent views without
causing conflicts.

If we can do this easily, we should definitely do this pre-0.8.0 because
this would make our day-to-day work at the group easier.