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Re: [zzdev] :zz: 060 and 061 probs under Windows

Hi Ted,

The problems with 0.6.1 are well-known and we hope to fix them soon. I
haven't encountered the 0.6.0 bug yet.

I hope that we'll have installer software for Windows for the next
release (0.8.0, Chartreuse). We're probably forming a GZigZag
programmers' group at my school, and one of the things we intend to do
is to package GZZ so that it is easier to use on Windoze machines.

- Benja

Ted Nelson wrote:
> Hi Tuomas--
> I tried 061 on Windows.  It opens and just sits there,
>  without responding to keystrokes.
> 060 works for awhile.  After awhile the blue cursor froze,
>  but the green still moved.  On restart with same dataset
>  it worked again.
> Best, Ted