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:zz: [resend] Thanks for a wonderful workshop

[Very sorry this wasn't properly sent before--
 part of the fallout from the loss of my laptop in Denmark]

Hi everybody--

I'd like to thank everyone for a really wonderful ZigZag workshop.
 It was hard to know what to expect; I was absolutely delighted
 at everyone's contribution--

  TUOMAS-- congratulations again for the impressive and beautiful
    system you are putting together.
  A.J.-- we enjoyed your lecture; regardless of your formal status,
    you are definitely a professor already.
  BENJA-- I was astonished that you weren't a young professor;
    and "Floating Clang" was great-- an elegant simplification of the
    ideas in the FloatingWorld specs.
  TUUKKA-- Thank you very much for being a part of the project.
  LES-- Thanks for terrific organization, and for putting together
    the CD on such exTREMEly short notice.
  KENJI AND YUZURU-- thank you so much for coming and being
    a part of this historic (we hope) endeavor.

Till soon, Ted

Theodor Holm Nelson
Project Professor, Keio University SFC Campus, Fujisawa, Japan
 ?  e-mail: ted@xxxxxxxxxx   ?  world-wide fax 1/415/332-0136
 ?  http://www.sfc.keio.ac.jp/~ted/    ?  http://www.xanadu.net
 ? Coordinates in USA      Tel. 415/ 331-4422
  Project Xanadu, 3020 Bridgeway #295, Sausalito CA 94965