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:zz: [fixed] Why map everything into ZigZag cells?


Some people question why we should map everything
 into structures of ZZ cells, when there are easier and more
 efficient ways to do things.

The answer is severalfold--
 - elegant tradition in the computer field: to define something
 in terms of itself is considered to be high-level.
 - it's kind of fun.
 - perhaps more important: 
  -- It allows a complete state of the whole system to be
 expressed without reference to any other components; 
  -- it detaches all operations from any proprietary or
 specialized environment.

This doesn't mean there can't be implementations that
 leverage on people's favorite tools and world.  It does,
 however, mean there can be an interchangeable structure
 which has no reference to any of these--
"Write on anything, run anywhere."

All best, Ted

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