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Re: [zzdev] Branch for cell ID experiments

I wrote:
> A problem here is with Cells' hashcodes: they must not change when the
> version is assigned an ID, yet it would be very inefficient not to
> consider the space version ID in the Cells' hashcodes. One possibility
> here would be to use random numbers stored in a Hashtable, by space
> version ID, in order to ensure space versions of the same ID always have
> the same hashcode. Space versions which have not been assigned an ID
> would store their random hashcodes inside the object, which is ok since
> space versions without assigned IDs are compared by object identity.
> (yes, that's probably the way to go here...)

Actually, I solved that problem by creating a unique mapping from space
version IDs to Space.Version objects. (See the code in the branch.) It
seems things are moving forward...