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Problem with Java 1.4

Again, we are doing too special stuff to avoid breakage :(

The Tab key doesn't work in the 1.4 beta release, because

	KeyListeners installed on Components will no longer 
	see KeyEvents that map to focus traversal operations. 
	Previously, AWT Components saw these events and had 
	an opportunity to consume them before 
	the AWT initiated focus traversal. 
	Code that requires this functionality should instead 
	disable focus traversal keys on its Components and 
	handle focus traversal itself. Alternately, the code 
	can use an AWTEventListener or KeyEventDispatcher 
	to pre-listen to all KeyEvents. 


I haven't invented a way to get the events so that we remain compatible
and compilable with 1.1! Any ideas appreciated. This is worse than the
graphics thing: this affects the current Java code.