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Re: [zzdev] Re: :zz: Peter's oooo...kay: Is ZZ an OS?

On Fri, Oct 02, 1998 at 12:52:24AM +0900, Ted Nelson wrote:
> >That's not an OS; that's a file system (a system for filing things!)
> As I stated it, yes.  As I meant it, no.
> If we create a system which has no constructs
>  other than ZZ structures, it is more than a filing
>  system.  It will be a complete conceptual environment
>  and hence qualify as an operating system.

Not necessarily.  An operating system and a "complete conceptual
environment" are not necessarily the same thing.  The conceptual environment
can be a PART of an operating system - the part that is apparent to the user.

> Obviously we can *simulate* an all-ZZ system with
>  the present structure, and taking it out to Unix commands,
>  for a long time.   

That still doesn't make it an operating system; only an operating
environment, aka "shell", "GUI" or "desktop", which is not the same thing.

> Another way to look at it: if ZZ functions are available
>  at what is presently called the "file level", so you can
>  attach things to files via zz connections, and begin to
>  redesign conventional files in terms of discrete connections
>  among ZZ structures and (say) OSMIC streams,
>  now you're creating a comprehensive environment
>  independent of the fundamental constructs of conventional
>  operating systems.  This is one of my intents.

Yes indeed.  That would allow new kinds of operating system design.
But Zigzag would still only be a component of such an operating system.

> >An OS is responsible for directly operating the hardware and providing
> >a standardised way to access and manipulate computer hardware and system
> >services, which is not something I expect ZigZag would be well suited for.
> Well, maybe we'll just see, won't we !-)

I can't presently see any advantages to developing hardware device
drivers using the Zigzag structures, and considerable disadvantages.
Feel free to convince me otherwise with examples.

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