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:zz: Four keypads chugging at once

Ah, but here we should have it both ways.
 I'm all for generality, but since 75% of keyboards
 (an Official Figure I just heard a voice whisper
 from nowhere) are the standard silly arrangement,
 there might well should be an option for those
 who have this keyboard and want four windows.
 It would then also require a special case for numbers,
 too.  Very icky.  I won't insist for a while.


At 09:01 PM 9/29/98 +1000, you wrote:
>On Tue, Sep 29, 1998 at 07:31:19PM +0900, Ted Nelson wrote:
>> >I think if we go to more than two windows we may want an input method
>> >that can be generalised to an arbitrary number of windows.
>> Fer sure.  But if we have to live with the stupid
>>  special-case PC keyboards, we might as well
>>  get special-case use out of them.
>We don't, though.  Since Zigzag can be run on any Unix system, or via
>telnet from any system at all, we should try not to assume anything
>about the keyboard.  The existing keymappings already try to take this
>into account, with no essential functions mapped to keys that may not
>be available on some systems.
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