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:zz: TRIUMPH! They seemed to understand it!

Some strange magic occurred.  

I'm requiring both my undergraduate students
 (course called "Information Media") and graduate
 students (course called "Cinema of the Mind")
 to learn ZigZag.

Everything went wrong this morning.  I had far less
 time to prepare than anticipated.  I BOTCHED

But then somehow--

the WHOLE ROOM lit up.  Ken'ichi (who was
 assisting me) said, "I think the class got it."
 And two or three students came up to me to say
 they were really excited about ZigZag.

I wish I knew what I did right.  The following class
 (graduate students) got roughly the same presentation
 and sat stoically.

Ah, well.  You never know.  Comedians have sayings
 about it (which I don't remember)-- like, "Sometimes
 you get a great audience, sometimes you don't."  Or,
 even more trenchantly, "A good house is like a waffle"...


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