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:zz: Definition of "zzshell" function

Hi folks--


This is the function with which I hope to clean up
 Unix and Linux interfaces.

The idea is simple.  Currently-available user functions
 are held in cells.  When a cell is executed, the arguments
 to the right +d.2 of the invoking cell are concatenated
 and sent out to the shell.

Returned arguments-- stdin and stderr-- come back
 in cells. 

Feature that is not correct in the prototype:
 the arguments must be taken +d.2 from the INVOKING
 cell, not from the clone of "zzshell"-- since you may
 want to contain that in something else.

Therefore, when the user executes a cell (the invoking
 cell), that cell's name must be placed in some temporary
 variable so that if there's a zzshell clone inside, it will know
 where to find the arguments.

Still undecided ----------------------------------------------

The question as to where the arguments will be if
 there are *two* zzshell clones inside-- hmm,
 we'll have to think about that.

Probably we should keep the cells that are sent out
 (invoking cells)-- at least till the user dismisses them--
 session memory, etc.  Not quite sure where yet.

Not sure of BEST place for returning STDIN & STDERR
 to go.  Probably attached to invoking cells.

Best, T

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