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:zz: OOPS-y-dizzy

Hi Bek--

In a way this is good.  I'd like to have a little better
 architectural handle on how this is being done,
 for the next stage, so I'll put together a sketch
 of the class breakdown I envision, get yr comments.

All best, Ted

At 12:57 AM 9/26/98 +1000, you wrote:
>Ted Nelson wrote:
>> How's it going?
>> How are the Objects of Desire ?-)
>I've already chatted to Andrew about this: 
>Havinh looked further, there's really no sensible way to OOPify the
>existing source without re-writing it.  The only thing that can be
>sensibly separated out is the cell-contents stuff, which is a small
>part of the whole.
>The problem is that most of the sections are designed assuming they
>have access to everything - eg the display routines need to 'know'
>what the cell contents are directly, and so forth.  If you locked
>Xanni and me up in a room for a weekend we could re-write it OOPly,
>but it'd be a big effort.
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