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Re: [zzdev] Vob linebreaking

> Finally, found a satisfactory solution: at first, simply insist that all
> spaces are between vobs. That way, we can just use TeX's glue model
> for the boxes. Hyphenation can be done later and as in TeX (IIRC), only
> after trying to break with the spaces. That way, there's no need for the
> endIsBreak etc. stuff.

Huh?!? How can you call this satisfactory? It has virtually *all* horrible
linebreaking problems I 
can think of:

- It creates FAR too many vobs, because each word is a vob...
- ...and each space is a vob, too, if you don't want to introduce extra
complexity with these.
- There is no way to specify that a break should not be between two vobs,
thus breaking at 
arbitrary positions inside vobs (a mistake we've made already!).

What is this intended to solve?

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