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Re: [zzdev] File format

> I'm thinking about maybe changing the file format once more, one final
> time, for the mediaserver stuff.
> Basically, I'd like it to be even simpler: something like an ASCII
> format, gzipped for compression; the gzipping may be done on server
> and transport layers so we'd only need to think about ASCII code.
> Ideas, comments?

Sounds reasonable. It needs to be changed anyway, since all dimensions'
connections now need to be 
saved in one block, since in the beginning of a block we need a reference to
the previous block 
this is based on, and since we need transclusions.

Basically it should be span-based, using a "VersionSpan" thing. The first
few bytes of the block, 
indicating the previous block this is based on, would not be part of the
span; they would only 
determine whether a VersionSpan can be used after a different VersionSpan...

VersionSpans are basically .diffs for ZigZag spaces; however, they know the
"previous version/s" on 
which they can be applied.


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