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Re: [zzdev] Re renderinfo drawing boxes

> Hmmm... Issues are:
> * Should renderinfo really draw the boxes itself?


That's the default implementation so I don't have to copy the code
to both Trivial and SimpleVobSet.

Note that the method is not final: it can be overridden by something
that calls the theme-appropriate routine.

> * At some point I want to experiment with connections rendered between
> background and box. Then we probably need a different model.

I still think that this has enormous problems. It gets very difficult
to make it consistent when nearby, overlapping cells are connected.

Probably an alpha channel approach would work better there.

Or overlying translucent things.

> * The box used may affect the visual center of the vob, as in
> ball-and-stick, and thus change the ways views and decorations behave.

No, the box shouldn't. Ball and stick is different in many ways from
the normal box stuff. I don't think that the same code can be used.

> * The box may also affect the clipping! (ball-and-stick doesn't clip,
> boxed cell conted usually wants to)
> These don't need to be solved today, but we have to keep them in mind.
> (Always thinking ahead, yes? ;) )

Of course.