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re commit from today

> Beautify a bit. Object.getClass() exists 

Of course it does. Using it means that you cannot subclass Hooks,
though, and the indended use for decoration we discussed on IRC seemed
to mandate subclassing.

Actually, though, I'm thinking now it might be better not to use them
that way: it would make view's life easier if the appropriate hook were
added automatically to a vobset when they add a span of that type... but
I don't know yet.

(Other example besides spans: The text vob hook I describe in the
SimpleTextVob javadoc.)

> overlaps: we can cast arrays, did'ya know.

OK, I didn't know that. Last time I tried, there was some problem. Good
to know.

(Sorry this isn't a technical reply, but zzcommits is delayed today.)