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Re: [zzdev] 0.4.0: We urgently need Edit Window functions

Hi, all--

Marlene Mallicoat wrote:
> 1.  Pressing the Enter key causes the cursor to go to a new line (and
> doesn't put some unreadable         character at the end of the current
> line).

I've just put in a fix for that in the CVS 0.5.x stable branch. This
means that when the next release in the 0.5 stable series is released,
this will be in it.

A-J, I think you should release that ASAP. (The new linebreaker is very
simple, and I've found no problems except ones that were there before,
so I thought it'll be o.k. to put it in the stable branch -- it's a
small bugfix, basicly.)

- Benja