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0.2 branch CREATED (issues) & 0.1 status

0.1.x is now hopefully finished.  I plan to do no more 0.1.x releases
and no more merges from that branch.

I just created the 0.2.x branch.  It's tagged as ver_0_2.

The code in the branch does not compile (missing ZZSpacePart class).
Please fix this.

I plan to make frequent merges to the trunk until 0.2.0.

The 0.2 branch is slushed.  No new features go in except when they have
been approved by Tuomas.  Tidying up any unfinished code is encouraged.

I'll release 0.2.pre0 as soon as the code compiles.

Note that I'll be away from keyboard during the weekend (including Friday
evening, excluding Sunday evening).
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