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Re: [zzdev] Re: Cell views (was: a version of the user's guide) (fwd)

Hi cat,

here we have it: what I've coded myself, I can explain least. :)
(Actually, I think I wanted to stop writing and got sloppy. :) ) --
zoomfont was there first and I added enlargefont, maybe we can rid of
one. The cell view defines a "normal" size (from the font you give and
the widthstr paramteter), but many views make their center cell *bigger*
than this "normal" size -- that's the initmul parameter. Now setting
enlargefont to false means: "In cells larger than 'normal,' use 'normal'
font size." Setting zoomfont to false means: "Use 'normal' font size in
all cells, even in ones which are smaller than 'normal.'" Well, in cells
larger than 'normal,' of course you can read text in 'normal' font; in
cells smaller than 'normal,' text in normal font doesn't fit -- the
letters are too tall. That's the difference: in really small cells,
zoomfont set to false means only the top of the letters are visible.

I'd say yes, we can get rid of zoomfont -- it doesn't seem to do
anything valuable to me. Tuomas?

(At least we can leave it out of the ug, I'd say.)


> > - enlargefont -- whether to use fonts with a bigger font size than
> > whatever specified in the 'font' parameter. There's one cell connected
> > on d.1, and the values it can hold are 'true' and 'false'. (Small caps!
> > Without quotes!) If you use 'false', you can see some more text in some
> > views. Try.
> > - zoomfont -- similar to 'enlargefont', except it doesn't allow fonts
> > smaller than whatever specified in the 'font' parameter, either.
> What does this actually mean? I mean, what is the DIFFERENCE
> between the "enlargefont" parameter and the "zoomfont" parameter?
> (I've tried to test it, but ... Maybe I'm blind or something. ;-)
> Or maybe things just don't work the way they should.)
> You write that they are similar "except it (zoomfont) doesn't
> allow fonts smaller than whatever specified in the 'font'
> parameter".
> Does the "enlargefont", then, allow fonts smaller than specified
> in the font parameter? From what you have written above I kind
> of get the impression that it ONLY allows to use bigger font
> size than specified in the font parameter.
> kata, puzzled
> (do we really need two parametres for this?)