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a version of the user's guide

Because Marlene was so eager to take a look at the
current state of art of the user's guide I've put 
a version of it in my web directory. 

(I don't know how long it will take 'till we get the WML 
issue settled so --- That's why it's there at the moment.)

The doc doesn't look very beautiful, I just put the tags there in
a hurry. 

And yes, it is very much UNDER CONSTRUCTION. None of the 
guys here has read it yet, I still need to work with the 
language, put some more info there etc. 

It will be a HUGE document since we want it to cover every
aspect of the use of GZigZag. 

But it will take time to write it, because writing is by no
means a fast process, finding a clear way to express things
takes time indeed.

So the address is http://www.jyu.fi/~cat/