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Re: [zzdev] Re: zigzag


The fellas in Finland should fix that.  They're maintaining
 those pages.

Best, Ted N.

At 06:10 PM 10/18/00 +0800, you wrote:
>Hi Ted,
>  While you are at fixing the page, could you also take a look at the
>following page. There is a missing image.
>I hope this won't take up much of your time. I rather you have more time
>spending on writing about ZigZag. We found it be a great data structure.
>We are designing a information managment platform arround the ZigZag
>Too bad that there isn't much information about ZigZag out there. This
>makes it a lot harder for our engineers to really appreciate the power
>of ZigZag. 
>David Li
>Ted Nelson wrote:
>> Hi Richard--
>> Try this page-- it looks fine in Netscape !-)
>> http://www.gzigzag.org/ug/ug-ns4.html
>> The Mozilla version is at
>> http://www.gzigzag.org/ug/ug.html
>> All best, Ted
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