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Re: [zzdev] Keys

On Tue, 10 Oct 2000, Brent Turcotte wrote:

> Included here is HTML code for an alternative way of
> showing the keys available in GZigZag in the user guide.

Ah, now I see. I just finally looked at the details - I had just glossed
over it briefly and assumed it was the same as the old code. The headings
were the new thing.

It would be nice if you could work this using the WML code - it's much
easier to maintain. Also, I disagree with putting <,>,~,o,O,Home in
"Views": they seem to me to be navigation.

And ijl, kK, esfcdD could be "Directions".

The easiest way to fix docs would be if you could send a diff -u with
minimal differences to the file Documentation/keybindings.wml which is
where the key list is generated.