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Re: [zzdev] jars won't run

On 20000922T164451-0400, Jack Seay wrote:
> The jars I tried were dated 0921. The last one I used (successfully) 
> was dated 0915.

Please try 0.1.pre1 from http://backup.gzigzag.org/download/ .

> I tried several other class names besides "main", including 
> "foo.Main", "Main", and the filename. None worked.

Try org.gzigzag.Main .

> Also, why are the jars without modules so small all of a sudden?

What's the length?  I can't check now, my connectivity to Sourceforge
has been close to zero this week.  That's why there still aren't pre1
files up there, I don't have a route to Sourceforge.

(BTW, please watch your signature length.  Thank you.)
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